dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Liz: Anthony's other daughter.....

Now that Elizabeth seems to slowly but surely be taking her assigned role in Anthony's home by dedicating herself to raising his daughter, cooking his food and cleaning up after everyone, let us pause to reflect what sort of caregiver she might be. Judging from what little we've seen, not a very good one. First, she bribed the child into doing what she wanted by giving her ice cream. Did Anthony want her to have it? Was she worried that she'd come to expect it as a matter of course? Nope. She wanted to show off how generous she was so she cut her boyfriend off at the knees, authority-wise. Her next mis-step was her insistence on lingering around the Caine household when she knew her presence there made the child feel uncomfortable. Again, she either forgot or refused to remember that the child's feelings should be taken into consideration. To keep up with the theme of not caring what the kid thinks, she used the nasty and demeaning "This is how awful you look" technique to try to show the child the correct way of eating. Unfortunately, that won't take because of something Anthony told Francie. He's spent the last little while trying to get her to accept Liz by appealing to her sense of fair play by acting as if she were another child whose feelings had to be taken into consideration. In the long run, this will make everyone's life worse. Francie has no real respect for Liz so the Breath's attempts to discipline her will be ignored which of course will lead to Elly 2.0 getting more and more frustrated. Eventually, she will lash out in a blind rage and do the child an injury. This will, of course, be seized on by Therese's relatives who are waiting for this to happen to get their revenge on the Pattersons and their co-cannibals for hatefully and selfishly ruining someone's life in the sevice of a sick fantasy. Saving Francois from the evil Foobs will be sweet, sweet justice. That way, Anthony will have no daughter, his fantasy girlfriend will be locked up for bashing up a child and he and the Pattersons will be public disgraces. In short, the happiest of all possible endings.
Tags: child rearing disasters, francoise, liz: whining martyr, the shape of foobs to come

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