dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Henchmen

What most people tend to forget is that Gordon and Tracey also know that the Pattersons are visiting an atrocity on a sitting duck antagonist because they were witnesses at what Deanna calls "the wedding for heart" and what I call "the wedding of taking a creamy dump all over her mother's hopes and dreams because she wants to punish her mother for getting in the way of her Electra complex." The reason that this matters is that they might have told Anthony and Lawrence about it but they sure didn't bother reading Liz in.

This, I think, is because it became obvious to them that Liz has a nasty habit of not being able to keep her mouth shut. After all, they only found out about Mike and Dee faking living together because they knew about Liz's tell. If Liz can't not divulge information that they want to know, they know she'll volunteer stuff to the opposition just to be the center of attention. This means that Gordon and Tracey's job was and is to lie to Liz to keep her from realizing that she's the plausible deniability they want to see in the world.
Tags: gordo and tracey

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