dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Harridan II: Meet The Impostor.

It's rather telling that we have to wait until the next girl Mike is supposedly too close to for us to really understand why Martha was too close. This is because Elly wants to stand in a check-out line bawling her fool head off because Mike spends more time writing to Rhetta than the mother who 'deserves' it. This tells me that Martha is BAD for Michael because she gets in the way of her being the sole focus of what anyone sane would say is unearned adulation.

The reason that I mention this is that on some level which she does not and will not acknowledge, Elly has to know that she's fooling herself by thinking of herself as anything other than a mediocre housekeeper, a sub-par cook, an inept and angry mother, a testy irritant of a wife and above all, a pampered dilettante with a husband overly willing to indulge her fantasy that she's vital to human civilization. Elly's incapacity knows no bounds but she cannot admit that she's a fraud and a fool who wants to jab her thumbs in the eyes of the able. Thus the yapping about family politics when confronted with having to be fair to people who make her feel bad about herself and the whining about Mike's being too close to people who don't worship her every blundering move.
Tags: #39;t know anything., elly doesn&, elly fails parenting forever

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