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Meet The Rivals, Part One.

Of course, Elly isn't the only person who finds Mira to be an existential threat because she's a reminder that there isn't much to Elly but talk and daydreams. We have a whole host of idiots who find the presence of someone they patronize shamelessly and treat abominably to be a threat to everything good and wholesome in the world because she's a reminder of things they don't want to be reminded of.

For starters, we have to remember that Deanna appears to be a natural-born follower who spends her life drifting like a plastic shopping bag caught in a breeze. She's too damned passive to do much in life and since she'd rather not admit that she was born with a Twizzler for a spine, she needs an external threat to pin her being a limp dishrag on. It's like watching Lizardbreath huff and puff about evil career women and their jealousy when people try to explain that who Anthony married isn't why her life sucks.

We next have to remember that Mike doesn't want to look in the mirror and see an ass who'd rather allow his family to live in a barn or his old house than make a decision that might remind him that he's not the axis about which this world rotates. The man who pissed himself and ran home to Mommy-Sister-Wife to cry about the mean man who asked him to do something is too blasted bone-idle to provide and proud of it so hates the person who gives a whinnicking stumblebum his right name.

That would be a lot like Liz having to admit that she doesn't really know what's going on around her because she was born to stand around with a confused frown on her face because she can't make sense of what she sees and that's sad. She has no strong opinion about Mira but tends to assume that anyone shouting something is probably a worse person than the person being shouted at.

Finally, we have to deal with a small child who doesn't understand how things work and seems to be being raised not to. April doesn't understand that Mira isn't winning sweet dick all because she won't question how gauche and presumptuous her parents were to block someone because she might have wanted to get in Elly's way. That's the thing about these people: they see how horrible Elly is to them but don't realize what a shit she is to everyone else.
Tags: ogres are us, one big oblivious family

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