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Meet The Rivals, Part Two.

Of course, it's not just Mira who got mistreated cruelly by the idiot Patterson family for a sordid and stupid reason. We also have to remember that Therese, Becky and any man Liz dated who isn't a gormless twit that got dumped all over for the Foob's sins. To expand upon this point I've made before, I'd like to remind you of the questions that Therese raises that the Pattersaints dare not ask themselves.

We start with Elly and her insistence that this woman has no rights she needs respect because she gets in the way of a fantasy. I know that it's only human to pair two kids together because they look so cute and I know that Elly wants to be right about how happy Liz would be with Anthony because he appeals to her. I also know that Elly doesn't really know Anthony at all. She has no idea about how anything works and just saying "mothers know" doesn't make it so.

We next have to deal with John, Mike and pretty much every male character in the strip and their default belief that there's a mythical thing called a maternal instinct that magically makes women domestic. A lot of women do like being with kids. Some don't. Some have no business being near children and that fact should be acknowledged and not made to disappear in a cloud of pious guff about crazy woman hormones that keep them from realizing what they should and shouldn't want.

Finally, we come to the other extreme of stupidity and bad behaviour: super-passive Liz whining about any obstacle to her doing whatever she wants to and her inability to see that all she has to bring to the table is her looks. Once they fade, Anthony will be a frustrated mess living even deeper in fantasy and denial than he is already but no one with the power to do anything about it wants to put the brakes on this.
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