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Meet the Rivals, Part Three.

As you know, Lynn has the habit of putting her deeply held beliefs in John's letters to the readers. This is why she had him pontificate that learning to be very skilled at anything brings no one any joy while being instantly good at something or waiting for miracles is the path to bliss. He thus wasted a lot of syllables making a stupid point that Mike made long ago:

The reason that I mention this is that most of the hatred the Pattersons feel for people who don't see paying your dues like you're supposed to as torture imposed on good people by those with no sense of human is directed at the hapless figure of Becky McGuire. Most of them simply don't want to face the fact that it doesn't make them smart to simply give up or slowly walk back from something difficult but one of them has a different thing she won't face: April.

First off, it isn't Becky's fault that April can't look in the mirror and see a girl a boy would want to date so projecting predatory intent on her because she is cuter than April is tends towards the churlish and stupid. Secondly, Becky isn't trying to destroy people with her star power because she has better things to do with her life than look like an idiot so a Patterson can make a horrific, ego-boosting display of herself. The talented must not be chained to the whims of the vain and silly and April simply has to shut up, admit that she has negative impulses and move on. Too bad that she takes after Mike so much. She'll be forever discovering new reasons to irrationally hate someone who was never actually fighting her to begin with.
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