dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Victim.

The sad thing about the one-sided rivalries that the Pattersons have with their betters is that usually, no one but the person they treat shabbily is directly affected by their envy, wrath and idiocy. This cannot be said for Anthony's daughter Francoise whom no one actively seems to want that I've noticed. Anthony seems to see her as a failure because she had one job (namely, making instantly transmuting her mother into Suzy Homemaker) and didn't get it done and Therese has a lot of good reasons for saying that she's not the sort of person who should be near children because she actually kind of did dump her child with the husband who 'wanted' her like a piece of furniture.

This raises an alarming possibility that few people have noticed: her seeing Elizabeth as the least worst option. Were we to raise the curtain and peek into their world, we could well see Francie assume that Liz was her manipulative dickweed dad's first victim and try to buddy up to someone who saw her as a reminder of a life that didn't have her in it. We're probably living in a world wherein the Pattersons grit their teeth and pretend that it's okay that this reminder of life's unfairness wants to be part of their world. She is thus the second coming of Lawrence Poirier. How fitting owing to Liz being a photostat of Connie.
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