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Meet The False God

As you know, I think that on some level, the reason that Elly really prefers Deanna is that having learned that Mike had a certain level of interest in one girl, she felt that having to learn about new and different girls was just too much. Remember, she's a fragile nitwit who could be overwhelmed and left horrified and prostate by watching grass grow so somewhere underneath the bleating about being too close and how relationships going too far and not reading manuals is her whimpering in fear because her children are trying to destroy her by making her remember a new name.

The reason that I mention this is that it marches in merry lockstep with the preposterous belief that having managed to give birth has made her wise in the ways of the world and endowed her with insight into who is best for her babies. Thus the smirking noise about how someday, the inert, whining, morose and daydreaming slob Anthony will be a world-beater instead of what he is: a dimwit who's going to spend his life sighing because he can't maintain the illusion that Liz is the person he dreamed she was. He won't say anything or act on the impulse because it would mean admitting to having played his cards stupidly but he'll be aware on some level that he made Lizardbreath up.

It cuts both ways, though. The Patterson family have no vested interest in admitting that they spent their lives backing the wrong horse when they championed him. No one who's ever been the victim of a con (self-induced or not) ever does make the mistake of admitting to having shat the bed as heroically as the Pattersons did when they embraced the gormless and gloomy shlub to their bosoms. Allowances will be made for his being the slug he was born to be and a wife's moodiness and irrationality will be blamed for his hoping someday being forceful enough a personality to be compared to a limp dish-rag.
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