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Meet The Proxies.

The irritating thing about having to remember the mess the Pattersons kept making of their love lives until they settled down with the safe person Elly approves of because they ensure the happy outcome "It is not enough that I, Elly, am small; others must be smaller so that I am not threatened nor do I have to try and fail" is that most of the time, they never actually bother explaining what the unsafe love interest is doing to bother them.

We're about to be hip-deep in that when Mike refuses to tell Martha to her face why she failed yet another of the horrible and stupid tests of their relationship he imposed on her because of his expectation of betrayal. Despite sending her a letter that no one but him saw as a solicitation for a reply, the whining dolt probably still doesn't want to admit that you actually have to ask for a letter if you want to get one. When the morose and sullen clod got back to Ontario, he acted a lot like his passive-aggressive nitwit mother and refused to speak to her because she 'knew' what she did to anger and disappoint him. He then dispatched Gordon to tell her "You are bad and played games with my heart" only for her to tell Gordon that she didn't stray and wanted to write and most importantly, wasn't allowed to phone. The reason this matters is that as much as Pattersons make a hash of what other people say owing to their own innate stupidity and self-absorption, letting another idiot with his own biases that block effective communication is just making a bad situation worse. It's like watching Liz rely on the self-serving bullcrap about her rival from people who hate Therese for a different reason and feeling like being the lining of a birdcage.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot, one big oblivious family

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