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Meet The Waif

The irritating thing about watching Martha end up getting smacked down by fate for being the one who broke up first is not that we're left with the impression that Mike is still angered because he didn't get the one to laugh at the suffering of someone else and smugly bark that he never really loved the other person. The irritating thing is that it's damned obvious that Michael's appeal to Martha was that he mistreated her cruelly, selfishly and stupidly.

After all, when first introduced to us, Martha bawled that no one at summer camp really liked her much. We saw a girl in the middle of a sea of faces interacting with everyone else. She saw herself as an outcast because of a deep-seated need to feel like garbage. We also have to remember that she did something Mike would never even think to do: jettison close friends in the doomed attempt to reassure a vain twerp that she would indeed do anything to keep him in her life. The problem is that Mike is too blasted standoffish and afraid of being hurt to actually commit to anything. This led to at least two attempts at trying to make the jackass jealous enough to declare himself.

This did not work because she didn't draw the obvious conclusion from all the punitive, high-handed and malicious tests he'd subjected her to over the years. Someone without a need to be mistreated would see that the dumb sack of hot garbage went into things expecting to be betrayed and humiliated because of attachment issues born from Elly's baffled horror of his need for affection. Someone who understood how little he wanted to understand other people's points of view because the idea that what he thought they were thinking isn't what they were actually thinking 'meant' that they wanted to trick him and laugh at him for being wrong would know that he cannot and will not understand the argument "I never got the impression that you loved me for me. Heck, I don't think you actually want to meet the real me."

This means that the chucklehead half-listened to her bouncing from one version of the same sort of user he is to the next and thinks that the universe is unfolding as it should. She should feel sorry for not letting him be the one to 'win' things.
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