dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Beatnik

As you know, I've spent a lot of time drawing a parallel between Liz and Connie. Both claim to be more forceful than they are. Both stopped being adventurous when they found a tool husband eager to cater to their whims. What we lose sight at times is that Mike bears more similarity to his uncle Phil than he does his dad. We begin, of course, with the superficial similarity in appearance. At one point, Phil grew facial hair to bug his mother (like Mike does) and also to avoid getting carded all the time. Eventually, someone took Mike aside and explained to him that a beard is no substitute for a jaw line and he shaved it off but there's more than one way to make people alike.

That's because both Phil and Mike tend towards varying from being unapologetically glib about bad habits that they should jettison and so defensive, they look for all the world like toddlers about to make a mess in their drawers if it looks like reform is ever demanded of them. Finally, we have to deal with their being immature in their relations with women. There's not much difference between Mike and his infantile love tests and Phil acting like an in-grown hair and wishing misery and pain to be visited on women who have better things to do than be his baby-sitter.

What this tells me is that if Lynn hadn't treated her kid brother like he was Pol Pot because he objected to defaming dead people, Phil would have been another dreary numbskull cheering on the immiseration of sitting duck antagonists like Mira.
Tags: phil richards: yapping ignoramus

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