dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Bullshit Artist

The irritating thing about watching Mike shit the bed yet again is that he has any number of cheerleaders for the stupid way he manages to make a horrible mess of his love life. A disinterested and objective observer would point out that Mike went into his relationship with Martha expecting to be betrayed and humiliated because the messy way his idiot parents raised him made him unable to understand a relationship based on mutual respect. Gordon is not anything remotely like that kind of observer. Gordon throws fits on the floor like a repulsive monster because he says girls emit dangerous radiation. Gordon doesn't want to admit that talking to a girl as if she were a person too is what other people have that he does not. Gordon has a wife assigned to him by his creator to 'prove' a stupid-ass point about friendship being better than love. Gordon is a mouthpiece for his nitwit creator's belief that since she had the odd habit of throwing herself at people she stood no chance with and really doesn't seem to understand love as we know it at all, love is clearly a disease of the mind that exposes one to the evil of having to trust other people.

Gordon is a bullshit artist. Gordon has no business giving advice and you'd have to be a moron, a lunatic or both to do so. Gordon made a shit-ton of money selling and fixing cars. Gordon is the son John openly wishes he had. Gordon is seen as a man of wisdom because of both of those things. People listen and act upon the bullshit he passes from his lips about pretty much everything as if it's the wisdom of the gods. The people who listen to and act on his advice are screwed. This sort of thing goes on all the time.
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