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Meet The Trophy Wife.

The irritating thing about Gordon's steaming load of ordure about what love is is that Elly said much the same thing when trying to explain her attraction to a boy she lost patience with because he'd hurt her feelings. The unspoken premise of most strips that involve the evils of truth and love is that the latter is a horrible mental illness that makes one lose one's capacity for reason and do foolish things for a person who isn't really worth it. After all, a lot of Mike's regrets about Martha are tinged with his confusion as to how he could let himself get in a state where she was, as he put it, playing games with him and 'messing up' his head. If it weren't for love, he would be free to avoid something Lynn seemingly hates to do: treat other people as if their feelings matter to them as much as his does to him.

This is where Lynn's being a sort of child who never managed to figure out that other people see the world in a way she does not hampers and limits her. One gets the distinct impression that Mike sees himself as being tormented by someone trying to get him to believe something she knows not to be the case when Martha and Rhetta asked him to consider their point of view. The same mutt who had the devil's own time understanding that other people don't see themselves as mere props in the story of his life thinks that since he can only see his point of view, other people can only see his point of view too and only pretend they don't to confuse, trick and humiliate him. Someone like that cannot understand what love is and must perforce make pious rumble-bumble about how being friends with people is better than the horrible and untrustworthy thing called love.

This is why Tracey Mayes exists. She exists to show us a happier world, a smarter world and a saner one. It's a world where two good friends get together, settle down and raise a happy family because their lives are not tainted by the pointless and disappointing horror that is love. The problem is that most people find it rather a bland one and would prefer a bit of pain to the anaesthetized existence that Lynn clearly sees as a utopia.
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