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Meet The Demon Spawn.

The interesting thing about Lynn is that she loves to depict mothers scrambling to keep up with sassy, rude, malicious, messy and destructive monster children that live to eat fulfillment in an attempt to devour the soul of the mother they were born to hate because a love of chaos and wickedness makes them feel as if it's actually good to move and talk and play. This revolting pandering to mothers who actively resent an evil law imposed on victims like them that prevents them from killing their teeming get for looking at them funny takes its worst form when Meredith and Robin come into the picture. While Lynn wants us to believe that Deanna and Mike have done their best, it's damned obvious that the muttonhead father would let his kids drink paint thinner because he's too damned busy cranking out swill to want to be a dad and Deanna, she's so in love with the idea of 'child as superior form of talking doll that she can put away when she gets tired' to want to do anything that isn't mope and fret whenever they get bored. The end result is children acting out because they are not adequately supervised.

Of course, there is another factor to be considered when one contrasts them to Gordon and Tracey's quiet, well-mannered, well-behaved and happy children: Gordon and Tracey are teetotalers while it's damned obvious that Pattersons are heroes of many a well-fought bottle. The irritating fact that most of the children in the strip were the end result of an alcoholic stupor tends to suggest that a lot of their problems in life are derived from their parents' raging alcoholism. One would be forgiven for alluding to Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" and whispering about alcohol in their blood surrogate behind their backs.
Tags: jonbenet, poopie pants, unfortunate implications theatre

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