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The interesting thing is that Lynn's having a slow-witted child's idea of what life is all about makes her love affair with rigid and ill-informed rules of conduct the most touching romance in literary history. One cannot, for example, simply co-habit and then drift away. The dumb kid in her says that romance only leads to sex and sex is only for producing children so casual anything is just wrong and against all norms that Lynn acknowledges. It's not only why Deanna isn't 'that' kind of girl, it's why Liz had to be purified so that she was worthy of Anthony.

What she fails to understand when she makes a monster out of that hockey player Eric is that not only does she remind us that the only reason people are permitted to leave a relationship is if the other person is physically disloyal and that Liz's failure to read Elly's mind and understand it was not okay for her to live with the man without putting a ring on it was all her fault for not understanding something never made clear to her, she also doesn't get that a lot of people see him as having been jammed up by a shallow cocktease who blew hot and cold on him. Since Lynn had dreams of being a sex goddess everyone paid court to, the rather pallid figure of mere prettiness that is Liz Patterson is an active danger to the men of the world because she acts like a living confuse ray. Since Lynn doesn't understand that other people see the world in a way she cannot or does not, she doesn't get that it's the personality of the person that's the really attractive part. This means that in the real world, Eric would see Liz as a lyric by a Canadian rock combo: "She ain't pretty, she just looks that way."
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