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Meet The Fake-Out

The most irritating thing about having to deal with the Paul Wright fiasco is that we should have seen his unsuitability as a husband coming the instant we'd figured out he was from a different culture. Lynn had sort of telegraphed that when she'd made a comment that's only baffling when you don't understand how Canadian racists see the world. As I might have mentioned once, for years on end, the Department Of Immigration held out a lamp to the world and proclaimed "Give Canada your white, your Anglo-Saxons" and did its best to jealously bar out the duskier breeds and really hoped that Hitler chap would back up his promises as regards a particular set of trouble-makers. One of their favourite excuses was that black people simply cannot handle cold weather because of their tropical origins and would freeze to death even in the mildest winters. This explains the guff Connie and Lynn spouted about how Lawrence's dad couldn't survive here: if the temps dropped lower than the high forties, he'd just plain keel over.

This should have made us decently aware that Lynn was going to pull her "Paul is made of snow and will melt" stunt when it came time to peel Liz away from the scary outside world and frightening over-stimulation to Elly's womb-like suburban redoubt. It was bad enough that her entitled snob parents don't like the idea of people who have commitments that ain't catering to their whims and thus planting the idea in her head that he would cheat since she buggered off to be with Anthony. Assigning him someone of his own kind is just gross-buckets.

Then again, there's another reason a lot of the men and women who fall by the wayside: a sort of sheepskin psychois that Marian tried to warn Elly about. More on that next.
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