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Liz: the ommision issue...

One thing we can all agree on is that Liz has never given a love interest a straight answer in her life because she always leaves out a critcial detail. We've seen her tell Paul that Warren was just someone she knew because she didn't have the integrity to tell the man that she never really broke it off with him. She went to tell him that she had to move back home without really teling him why: Anthony was suddenly available again. An increasingly deranged-looking Warren is still a factor in her life because last year, when she had the chance, she didn't really tell him that she found his job too big a stumbling-block to a romance and she probably pulled her punches when he declared himself despite her attempts to give him the bum's rush. And right now, she's not giving Anthony the whole story about his visit. Why this fear of the whole truth? A need to avoid a confrontation in the here-and-now. The Pattersons almost always do things that satisfy their needs in the short term that come back to haunt them later on. I'm convinced that Elly was always on the verge of making her back gate secure but held back because she feared having to spend that afternoon soothing April's feelings because her little bolthole got closed up. It wouldn't have occured to Elly that in a week or so, the child would have more or less forgot about why she was angry because she can't think that far ahead. Her adult children are the same way: they gratify their short-term needs at the expense of their long-term happiness.
Tags: liz: whining martyr, one big oblivious family

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