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Meet The Cypher

Of course, Dawn is doing a lot better than other people I could mention. At least the Pattersons have something of an idea who she is. Given their lack of anything like curiosity, it's quite likely that they drift through this life always being surprised by things they never knew about the people they meet because they never think to wonder what drives people. The character that epitomizes their head-in-the-sand way of life is, of course, Georgia.

Lynn makes a lot of noise about how she had at one point planned to tell Georgia's story in depth but there just wasn't enough time to do so. This impresses me as being a half-truth because while Lynn is at pains not to keep the focus away from the most boring character in the strip, it would seem that a real-life attitude distorted her thinking. Given that we never ever learn Georgia's maiden name, one would get the idea that Elly and the Pattersons don't see her as a person in her own right with hopes and dreams and a family and a past. They see her as someone whose sole function in life is to be Phil's wife. This is probably what Lynn thinks of her sister-in-law deep down. She might know more about her than the Pattersons care to learn about Georgia but she more than likely thinks that she's learning trivia that doesn't really matter. It's why we never get the least hint of who Georgia was before she met Phil.
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