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Meet The Lackey

The irritating thing about about Lynn is that she assigns her own biases and fears to characters she wants us to sympathize with. This is why when faced with the rather banal spectacle of a moody teenage girl pulling away from her father because she blames him for the collapse of his marriage owing to the fact that Mommy isn't around to become equally blame-worthy and proceeding to hang out with other disaffected children who don't want to deal with a plate-load of their parents' guano, Lynn says that said child is going into the darkness because she hates her parents' love. This sort of annoying, pants-soiling nervous nellyism is the excuse Greg Thomas gave the public for his marrying Connie Poirier. His complete ruination as a character seems to suggest a motive that isn't the fact that despite looking like an anthropomorphic chicken, Connie is Heat Incarnate: the man seems to think that it's his job to protect a fragile woman from a big, scary world.

His crack-addict chivalry is not only why he let his own flesh and blood slip through his fingers because he'd rather back up a shrill hysteric blundering her way through step-motherhood, it's why he joined Connie into being an animal I can't like and proceeded to toss Lawrence out on his arse for outing himself way too damned early. Connie might actually have an animus against gay people but for Greg, it's all really simple: anyone who threatens the doll-person is an enemy to be ejected. It's why he got all creepy and treacly about how he isn't really a part of the boy's life: he isn't part of any child's life because he's too busy cossetting a nitwit who's a great argument for the forced sterilization of feeble-minded women.
Tags: connie poirier: succubus, gregthony

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