dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Unpersons, Part Two: The Men Of Danger

Of course, when Anne went away, she took her husband and kids with her. I'll get to why Christopher and Richard had to be retconned into unavailability tomorrow but for right now, let's examine why it's vital that Steve be banished from Elly's view even more than he was before he was the subject of idle speculation as to his whereabouts and who he might be keeping company with. Simply put, there is the danger that if John and Steve got to talking, something bad would happen: John might start to develop interests that take him outside the home. It was bad enough that John was on a first-name basis with a man who Elly disliked on sight because he didn't take her at all seriously without other people trying to ruin Elly's life by endangering her marriage.

After all, if John had outside interests, he might spend time away from home and if he isn't home, it's obvious as all Hell to Elly that he couldn't help but betray her. Since she cannot be trusted, Elly cannot trust so it's Priority One that she keep John friendless to keep her marriage safe from the dreaded certainties that he toss her aside to die alone and forgotten and unloved....and also from the even more dreaded possibility that he be a more interesting person than a drudge who makes work for herself.
Tags: island of forgotten foobs

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