dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Harridan IV: Meet The Self-Deluded.

I should think that it's obvious as anything that when Elly finally passes away, the world will go right on spinning without her. Her family will mourn for all of the wrong reasons but all that will be lost is another nameless housewife who never really accomplished much in this life. Since Elly is the praise junkie we know her to be, she's at pains to deny that someone who could have been amazing given half a chance lived out a life of lost opportunities because she was held back not by her own incapacity, stupidity and blindness but by the uncaring and selfish. She maintains this illusion by telling lies about herself and the world. To remind you of who and what she is, I will list them:

  1. She lies about the person she is and how she feels about things to make herself feel like a better person than she is.

  2. She lies about her talents and attributes while denying the glaring character defects that are obvious to those around her.

  3. She makes a studied effort to not know who the people around her are and what they want.

  4. She blames her failings on the people around her or on some extraneous factor.

  5. She rejects our painful and unfair reality that tells her flat out that she never seems to want to know what's going on around her and lives in a happy fog where consequences don't exist if she doesn't want them to.

  6. She lies about the person she used to be so she can feel better about herself.

  7. She edits the past to make herself look better.

It should go without saying that the hand-maiden to Elly's world of bullshit and self-aggrandization is a blind hatred for people who want her to face facts that make her out to be responsible for her own misery. John has learned to duck a lot and hide while April ran off, never to be seen again. Everyone else has to pretend that they believe Elly's lies....if they haven't managed to drink her Kool-Aid.
Tags: elly versus reality

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