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Dupe II: Meet The Pariah

It isn't really surprising that a woman with Elly's character defects sees herself as locked in battle with her children. Should a child not be a compliant lump who has no opinion of his or her own, the whining wreck stands there hollering about how her monster children are trying to steamroll all over her because she's too fragile to co-exist with people and too chicken to live the solitary life her nature demands. Given her annoying need to insert herself into a public sphere where she can do nothing but damage, her children are seen pretty much as jailers who eat fulfillment.

The reason that I mention this is that it explains a recurring theme that blighted the last seventeen years of the strip: the need to treat April as an irritating obstruction who only seems to exist to make the lives of other characters worse because she's in their way. She has no rights that they need really respect and her feelings are 'fake' and just drama and noise made to upset people because that's just what kids do, they make noise to make adult's lives worse. After all, should her feelings be real, it would reflect badly on Elly and we can't possibly have that, can we? This means that she's subjected no end to the worst and filthiest trick a callous ass can play on someone and bludgeoned over the head with the worse problems fallacy. She is said to deserve this for making pea-brained scum care about problems that do not affect them and also for making a nonsense of one of Elly's stupider preconceptions.

Said irritating limitation is her belief that what she grew up with is the only 'right' pattern for human behaviour. Mike is a good person because he has just a son and just a daughter. Elly feels as if she has failed everyone ever forever because she had more kids than she believes she was allowed to have and the guilty parties must face sanctions and accept reprimands despite what the parents she let down might say.
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