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Meet The Rebel

Of course, the real reason April is persona non grata is that unlike Mike and Liz, Elly had to actually spend time raising her. There was no Anne to dump her on after she turned three and someone with Elly's hang-ups about being 'trapped' and 'tied down' as if motherhood were a punishment for having sex is going to resent the Hell out of the child who insists on 'demanding' attention from a loutish boor who wants to inject herself into a public sphere she really never had any place being that I ever noticed. This is why Elly and John will spend the rest of their lives resenting Fiona Brass for not being the happy slave they wanted her to be. She was supposed to be so grateful that John and Elly took her in that she would give up the nasty habits of thinking for herself and living life on her own terms and most of all, nursemaid someone else's child so that someone could parade around pretending that she was the glue that held society together.

She was also a very bad person indeed for wanting to expose Mike to horrible things like "not being a pretentious snob with too high an opinion of himself and his family", "learning how to deal with the public", "learning valuable job skills", "understanding how to budget his money" and (worst of all) "not being clingily dependent on his jerk parents"; this is because a woman like Elly and a man like John don't want adult children who act like adults. They want the sort of lazy goof who embeds himself in his old home like a tick and displaces people because that way, they get to be parents until they die and a client takes over the job out of gratitude...and also because of a clause in their will that binds Gordon to their service long after they meet their cremators.
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