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Meet The Work-Wives: Part One.

The very interesting thing about April is where she was when she was being threatened by Kortney; she happened to be working at Elly's hobby business when this happened. The other very interesting thing is why she was there in the first place. As history teaches us, it finally started to occur to Elly to worry about what her children were getting up to when she wasn't looking at him and given her inability to trust people, it made sense that she assumed that without her voice booming in her child's ears, she'd inevitably get into trouble because everyone knows that children can't help but make the worst choices on their own, they just can't. This led to Mike suggesting something that he would rebel against were they suggest be done to him and strong-arming April into becoming poorly paid labor.

The reason that I mention this is that Elly would have gone right on making excuses for Kortney and not believing April had it not been for someone with a slightly better claim to being the boss than she was hanging around. I am, of course, talking about Moira Kinney, the woman actually in charge of things while Elly was parading around acting as if she knew what she was doing. Much like John, Moira knew that she couldn't actually get Elly to listen to reason when she'd gotten a stupid idea in her head about how April was just making noise about a non-threat so had to act when her attention was diverted. When the obvious attempt to flim-flam the gullible simp was exposed, Moira did something else John did: try to make her feel better about being stupid and making no move to remind her of what a shit she was to her own child because of her need to coddle a thug.
Tags: island of forgotten foobs

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