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Meet The Work Wives: Part Two

Of course, Moira wasn't the only employee of a Patterson who saw it as her job to make Elly's life easier; she's just the one Elly herself appears to be aware of. What Elly never managed to quite figure out is that Jean Baker seemed to see it as her function at work was to serve as Elly's advocate when John started talking about how crazy and unreasonable his wife was wanting things he didn't think she needed. Also, she seemed to see it as her function to keep him in place in other respects as well. Towards the end, it got to the point where I should have probably titled this essay 'Meet The Clone" but there's an important reason why I don't: Elly seems to not be especially aware of Jean's being a factor in her life.

This is because the paranoid lump sees every last one of John's employees as a threat to her marriage because her inability to be trusted makes it hard for her to trust people. This means that instead of seeing Jean as a comforting presence and a sturdy friend, all Elly sees is someone plotting to destroy her marriage. Should Elly ever realize that Jean has no designs on the goober she married, it's damned obvious that the pea-brain would assume that she's either blind or has designs on her. Good thing Jean doesn't know this or else she might start acting like John's employee instead of his keeper; if that happened, we'd be denied zingers at his expense.
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