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Meet The Most Interesting Character

It should be noted that Lynn has only the vaguest idea of what it actually takes to be an editor of a magazine or a pharmacist or a teacher and tends to lack anything like curiosity. This means that where the parents get work spouses, the children tend to get a series of spirit guides to help to reconcile them to their destiny of glorifying the gormless and aimless mediocrity that is Elly. We start our journey into the land of stock characters who point the kids back home to make Elly's life complete with that crusty old meat-ax Agnes Dingle.

As we all know, she came into the lives of the Patterson family because Mike couldn't really hack dorm life because he found it next to impossible to co-exist with his housemates because he's a humorless dick when he's the one absorbing the sort of bullshit he subjected Liz to. He finagled Weed into joining him and ended up having to pay rent to a sort of music hall caricature of a frustrated and poorly educated old lady who bawled and bellowed about hanky-panky whilst inserting herself in the lives of her tenants. Since he was born without the ability to read people, it never seemed to occur to him that he was dealing with the wreckage left over from a life of exaggerated hardship until he had to be sat down and told. This didn't actually improve him as a person, mind you. All it did was provide him with fodder for his execrable first novel....which led him back to life under his childhood roof because Lynn learned all of the wrong lessons from Lucy Maud Montgomery and ended up with a family farm complex. It never occurred to Mike that he was dealing with a sort of clone of his mother any more than it occurred to him that ending your days living in your parents' home makes you look pathetic.
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