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Meet The Sisterhood Of Inept Mentors

We're about a couple of months away from the first appearance of a woman who fed Liz exactly the wrong advice when she needed something actually useful to counteract the hypocrisy Elly refuses to admit she dishes out when she says that Liz shouldn't stress about her looks (mostly because having to worry about that gets in the way of howling that she's ooooooooold and useless at the impossibly ooooooold age of forty) and John's "your problems don't affect me so stop worrying about them and smile so I can feel good" bullshit that Eva Warzone perfected. This is because the unidentified flying object lesson in the wheelchair responds to Liz's concerns about being teased by telling her something abusers want people to believe: "people only tease people they're interested in."; it's a short step from that to "he only hits you because he loves you."

This was followed by her reinforcing the message that love just screws everything up because the alternative is admitting that the infantile and insane idiot writing the strip hasn't the least God-damned idea what love actually is and nonsense about how great it is to be a dull grey average blob who doesn't stand out like, say, Elly Patterson. You'd think that Elly would love Miss Edwards for selling her message but you'd be wrong. All Elly sees is an interloper doing what should be her job and a stranger Liz goes to instead of her when she should talk to the mother she's always to be afraid of. Since John likes to not have coffee cups thrown at him any more than he likes hot coffee poured in his lap, he's smart enough to not ask the question "How often did you ask your mother for advice at that age?"

When Liz graduated from her, she wound up in the advanced class of 'having to listen to mother-approved bilge' from Candace's aunt Ruby who put the kibosh on wondering what was wrong with her that made Eric stray (thereby letting her off the hook for blowing hot and cold) and Vivian Crane who said it was okay to flake off down South because she had to find the right garden to grow in (hint: the garden must be within a half-hour's radius of the Tiny Train House). With twee bullshit artists like those three in her corner, it's almost like Liz doesn't need Elly to mess with her head and make her stupid and desperate and (above all) willing to spend her remaining years pretending she loves Anthony.
Tags: island of forgotten foobs, liz versus herself

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