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Meet The Airhead

It should be obvious at this point that the series of failed and incompetent mentors that feed the Pattersons bad advice fail to correct the most serious problem they have: the airgap effect. No matter how hard a Patterson tries, he or she cannot put him or herself in the shoes of another person. What is more, their innate gloominess and exaggerated dread that people want to take everything they have away from them makes them confuse the claims of empathy with a twitching eagerness to rob them of all they have and mock them for wanting to be treated well. Thus do we have Liz's need to blow off April's concerns with snotty and hateful comments about being a picky face.

The reason that I mention this is that Lynn created someone whose sole purpose is to come along and tell April that her feelings of fear, disappointment and confusion are fake noise she isn't really feeling because she's not grateful to have a great mother like Elly: Eva "War Zone" Abuya. Lynn wants us to believe that we're looking at a helpful girl who wants a noisy irritant to come to her senses. Too bad for her that people actually see a rich nitwit shoot off her fat yap and say "Your problems don't affect me in the slightest. Stop talking because it makes me feel bad about having everything handed to me on a tray."
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