dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Sainted Vermin.

Of course, the irritating thing about Elly's love of a person who refuses to let April vent when she feels as if she's been screwed over is that Eva impresses me as being yet another of the cast-offs and losers that her family expect April to venerate in order to protect Elly from the realization that she is a rather poor judge of character. While I've told you that she feels sorry for a girl who regards her as a sucker who can be easily manipulated and that she regards a crazy idiot boy who wanted to hurt April for a horrible reason, what I don't think that I made clear enough is that Elly expects April to be friends with the trash and is put out that she does not want to do so.

It's kind of like how April is supposed to just shut up and let Liz feel good about being stolen from by a stalker trying to score a souvenir. She felt flattered so it makes no sense for the picky-face to make her feel bad about giving away what I have her call "Uncle Jasper's harmonium" because the heirloom meant nothing at all to her so should mean nothing to April. Hell, when you get right down to it, April's parents and siblings are also vermin she's supposed to venerate.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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