Harridan 8: Meet The Quitter

One of the less pleasant recurring images in the strip is that of a Patterson child unhinging his or her jaw and yelling about how hard something is followed by a declaration that he or she can't and won't do something at the first tiny little setback in an endeavor.

Elly is, as always, mystified by this  and wonders where her children's work ethic went. The fun thing about this is having to remember that she can do this and be totally baffled by the Just Say No thing that has Junior tell his Pop that the reason he smokes wacky tabacky is that Daddy sets a bad example because he loves him some tonsil polish. Elly hates the idea because it might mean something she would rather not hear: her children take after her when they do stuff she doesn't like.

It also means that the people who point out that she also throws her own arms up in the air and quits the second things get tough are right.


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