Meet The Predecessor.

As you no doubt know, Lynn started out doing compilations of one-panel steps based on artwork she'd drawn for an employer. The reason that I mention this is not just because we see prototypes of the Patterson family, there's a strip that points the way to Liz hollering STOP!in the back seat of a limo.

The one I have in mind is the one where a father to be looks stands in the middle of a group of children in a playground and tells himself "I gotta learn how to like these little creatures"; what really sells it is that Lynn depicts children at their worst as if that's their basic state. We got the dumb kid picking his nose, we got a little piece of shit beating up a little girl, we got another dumb kid slopping a Fudgesicle on the dude's pants leg and we got a little girl hauling off and pissing herself.


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