Dupe 3: Meet The Willfully Obtuse

Now, you would probably think that watching Anthony of all people come to Liz's rescue was what taught me that For Better Or For Worse was a melodrama meant to reassure mothers who did a lousy job of hiding their resentment that the world was wrong and they were right. That indeed would have been the case were it not for the way April and Eva treated Becky like a radioactive leper after Jeffo the Grade 12 boy irredeemably soiled her.

At no point did it ever occur to either nitwit that they could just as easily fallen prey to the clumsy blandishments of a fifth-tier Lothario if they were in her shoes. Hell! April actually was in that position after she went to first base with Gerund and it never crossed her mind to see that she has a lot in common with a girl who is mostly guilty of making an entitled dolt feel insecure.


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