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"Definitely maybe": the perils of short-term thinking.

One thing I've noticed about the Pattersons and their friends is that when they have a plan, they have the annoying habit of trying to buy short-term peace by telling a child it's only a possibility. We've seen:

- John trying to quell April's fears about the Housening by saying it was just an idea that he had when the deal was, in fact, finalized.

- Deanna's "this-is-not-a-putdown" nonsense when she decided to put April in charge of the kiddie table.

- Anthony and Elizabeth's telling Françoise that they were considering geting married someday when they were about to set a date.

This is because they can't really think any farther ahead than the next five minutes. They can see that if they're honset now, they'll have feelings to soothe now and they'd rather avoid that. They never seem to learn that when their true motives are revealed, the child will be far angrier and they'll have that much more to handle.
Tags: child rearing disasters

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