Meet The One In Every Crowd.

One of the ugliest sequences in the strip had Elly stand around wailing about the damage done to her when Lizzie balked at having to participate in an Easter parade. Any fool could have told her that it was asking to much of a child that afraid of strange people to do something out of her comfort zone but Elly wanted to show off and be praised. Someone drawn ugly on purpose to show us that she's bad came along and oppressed Elly by reminding her that the parade was for the kiddies, not for mommies. Rather that comfort the selfish, clingy brat who humiliated her, Flapandhonk grumbled about there being one in every crowd.

The reason that I mention this is that in real life, the irritating vision of the protagonist and her family being the most important people in town who's ever going everyone else follows makes no sense at all. All the average human being in a real world setting is going to see is a family of WASPs living in a two-story house who are neatly interchangeable with everyone else in their surroundings. This makes of Elly herself a one in every crowd.


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