dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Human Shield 2: Musings On A Thumb.

As you may have guessed, we're about to launch into an act of pointless overreaction to a nonexistent problem. That's because Elly and John panic because Liz sucks her thumb when they aren't looking and respond by jamming a retainer in her mouth that makes her sound like Sylvester The Cat. While it does have the capacity to entertain us by having Elly wonder why Liz never comes to her for advice because she won't admit that she lives to take offence to what her children say, what really intrigues me is that they don't actually know why she does so until it's removed.

That's because she tells John that she can finally go straight to sleep without sucking her thumb on the day it's out of her mouth. The implications are obvious in that they probably assumed that she did so because of the stress of having a baby in her room whenever Lynn remembered that April was her roomie and instead of reassuring her, did something stupid in order to avoid looking like bad parents.

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