dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Human Shield/Slacker/Dupe: Meet The Brainwashed

About fifteen years or so ago, the people who made the candy bar called Coffee Crisp riffed on the slogan "It makes a nice, light snack" by having some drone come along and parrot the catch phrase without really understanding why arguing in circles cheesed off the people around him. The reason that I mention this is that despite all evidence to the contrary, Mike, Liz and April believe that their parents are what they say they are, not who they actually are.

This, I think, is the end result of parenting via keeping the children off balance. If they grow up not expecting actions to have consistent results, they start to take on the mental characteristics of people subjected to strong, repeated practical urging techniques and become little more than receptacles of awe telling themselves that a lazy, confused, angry, spoiled, impatient, ignorant and malicious dolt of a mother is a domestic angel and that a pompous ass and puer aeternus stuffed shirt is Father Of The Year.

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