dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Harridan/Rube: Meet The Accidental Svengalis

Remember when Mike had that beard that Elly swore was a means of trying to somehow destroy her because he'd somehow turned his back on mother love? What she never ever learned is that he only grew the damned thing because he was tired of looking like and being treated like a teenager. The reason that I mention this is that up until Elly decided that she was too old and ugly to live, she probably spent most of her time wailing about being treated like a child because she looked like one. I would tend to ascribe this to her living in an eternal present tense in which she never seems to retain much from her past. She is always rediscovering the horrible old crone in the mirror and, since she doesn't remember jack, she falsely believes that this is the first time she saw an old lady in her mirror.

Now, imagine someone like her dealing with children. Her constant worry that she'll forget how to hold a baby makes me think that every time a child does something is the first time she observes it. Given her state of mind at the time of observation, it's highly likely that she can't ever do anything consistent owing to her just now experiencing something that she's seen before. This keeps her idiot children off balance because they don't realize that she can never keep track. It's like how they don't realize that John is equally bad at setting consistent rules because he too never realizes that Elly never understands what's going on and has no memory. Factor in his need to get pissed off what he has to do anything that isn't fun and you get a recipe for clodhopper children who are so desperate for a reference point to make sense of the world, they take their incompetent bigshot parents at their word when they say they know what's up.

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