Slacker/Rube: Meet The Vidiots

As you know, we are about a year or so away from the Very Special Story about how Ford's father gets likkered up and smacks him around because That's Just What The Lower Orders Do And We Can't Cure It And Shouldn't Try. The reason why I hate this that isn't giving pea-brained sloth the name "realism" is the fact that Mikey Boy is still disappointed with Gordon because he didn't blubber like someone on television.

This hints at the flaw he shares with his duckweed dad: an over-reliance on media imagery when trying to make sense of the world around him. Currently, it hampers John by blinding him to the fact that his family isn't committing a crime by being who they are instead of being what the boob tube tells him they're meant to be while Mike will never understand that Liz isn't a sitcom mutant bent on aggression.


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