Meet The Amazonian Catfish

While it might be true that I realized that the Jeffo incident was pretty much a warning that Lynn wanted to end the strip a damned sight like a Québecois soft core porn flick that turned into separatist propaganda, what started to make me question the morals of the characters was their utter helplessness in the face of Elly's refusal to do anything useful about Jeremy Jones.

As you know, it almost looked as if she was on the verge of telling April to apologise for playing the harmonica when she finally learned that the spastic little gremlin had it in his fool head that April knew something she couldn't. That started to draw me out of the strip because it's not a very smart thing to think and kind of gutless for John to shrug and say that he can't talk sense into the irrational ding-dong he married. It also started making me wonder what was so great about the family in general.


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