dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Foob's response to adversity: flight or flight.

Other, wiser minds have reminded your gentle author of another annoying behavior the Plaster-saint Patterson family shares; running away (or trying to) from their troubles. In the face of adversity or even inconvenience, a Foob will NOT confront their problems but seek some variety of escape, either by flat out running away or ditheringly hoping that the crisis will vanish on its own. If all else fails and they HAVE to take action, it won't be anthing useful. They'll just give their pursuers a face full of emo in the belief it'll make'em pity the Foobs. The prime example of this is John. He's got a wife possessed with the nit-witted urge to counter-productively meddle in her adult children's lives, a son who should be told to get his priorities in order, an older daughter bouncing from crisis to crisis and a youngest daughter in danger of falling through the cracks and simply pulling a runner. What does our hero do? Does he take action to end his troubles? No, he fucking doesn't. The whimpering dildo is off dicking around with his stupid train set when his presence is so desperately required. No fucking wonder the Delicate Genius thinks fathers only handle the fun stuff; Joe Tooth was a glorified big brother his own damned self! Elly's response to the obvious fact she'd clasped a viper named Kortney Krelbutz to her ample bosom was another form of escape; trying to wish a problem away. She didn't want to take action of another sort because she didn't want to ruffle the vulture's feathers. The reason that she still isn't being shaken down by the hateful little troublemaker is that her pal Moira did what she SHOULD have done and can the fugly shitbird's ass. Small wonder Liz ignored the obvious signs that Paul wasn't all that into her and even less she didn't fight back. Years of watching Mommy and Daddy either stick their heads in the sand or run off like frightened salamanders have taught her and her siblings to shrink from adversity. In a life or death situation, a Foob would either be the panicky idiot who had to be shot for witlessly endangering other people's lives or (more likely) the hapless ninny who laid down and died inches from salvation.
Tags: foobs vs common decency

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