dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Human Shield/False God Infinite: Meet The Caretakers

Now, to get back to who is going to end up throwing up her hands in baffled despair and consign Elly to a long-term care home, let's remind ourselves that as far as I can tell, the Patterson children have the habit of marrying against their own best interests. Mike should have married Martha or Rhetta because they have a personality and regard Elly as being just another person while Liz would have been a damned sight better off marrying anyone else but the gormless dope Elly falsely predicted would be a world-beater someday because mothers, they don't always know. I'll leave April's fate until next time but it's kind of obvious that Deanna's experience with her own mother will leave her to hem and haw and mutter feebly about not subjecting Mike and the kids to the same "horror" she had to go through when Wilf passed.

This means that another worshipper will step up to the plate and inform Elly that there's plenty of room for her at his place and also, it's not as if she has to have April look after her or anything so why not let Liz prove to her that she has the right stuff to be a caretaker. What Anthony doesn't realize is that Elly has always on some level regarded Liz as a competitor for everyone's attention. She won't admit that to anyone, of course, but Elly would probably rather eat gravel than live under the same roof as a daughter who seems to want to take her place.

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