dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Bystander

Before I tell you why April is doomed to be the biggest loser of the three children, I'd like to remind you that her imbecile mother can't get it through her thick skull that the mother of the bride calls the shots in a wedding. This lapse in knowledge led her to believe a fact not actually in evidence; said fact is that Anthony's mother would always completely defer to her. We never see the woman but it's obvious that she had enough decorum to pretty much allow Elly the blank check that our culture awards her. If the Patterson woman wanted to let her daughter do most of the planning, that was her prerogative as mother of the bride. After all, she'd let the Arsenault woman (who was a trifle mercenary for her tastes) run things the last time so she had no standing to challenge the mother of the woman her son seemed to fixate on.

That being said, there were reservations she didn't want to bring up at the time. We begin with her not actually having spoken more than two words with the bride-to-be in the fourteen years her son started talking about her. When pressed, the girl made vague noise about not wanting to jinx things like her ugly brother did. This leads to the second problem: the man's speech was difficult to follow but seemed to be a bill of particulars that had as its premise the daft idea that Liz asked to be born to destroy him. Finally, there was something she didn't ever feel comfortable mentioning: when she first started noticing the Patterson girl, she was under the impression that she was the Halloran girl's adhesive kid sister.

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