dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Dupe Infinite: Meet The Loser

As you know, the last strip made it look as if April was able to escape the gravitic pull of having to respect Elly's wishes and live a carbon copy of the miserable existence Flapandhonk willed upon herself. I just don't know about that. I have the sneaking fear that the siren song of jabbing her thumb in the eyes of a rival might have been too strong and her dread of the unfamiliar too great to make her stay away from her home for more than, say, a decade. This means that she'll probably have pulled her house down on top of herself, married the pasty-looking drone her parents picked out and become Mrs Whatever The Fuck Gerald Does For A Living just so she can smirk piously at someone better than she is.

Where it all falls down is that she stands no more chance of being genuinely respected by her idiot mother than Liz was when she jettisoned everything charming and sympathetic about herself in order to impress a dingbat who'd sooner swallow poison than praise anyone for any reason. They won't even discuss the idea of letting Elly stay with her because of some stupid reason Mike and Liz cook up despite said reason being all on Elly for not fixing that God-damned gate.

That being said, only a Patterson would think that not having to put up with Elly's weak-ass bullshit is anything like a punishment. It won't stop them from blaming everything on April when Elly gets to be too much for them but the direction of history tells us one thing: the last person to hear Elly's voice is going to be a stranger while the last one to see her before she vanishes up a chimney is a man in a jumpsuit. I'll talk about the last men next.

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