dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Last Men

I should imagine that Elly's ideas of her last days on Earth rotate around her being surrounded by loved ones as they watch the sad miracle of her passing despite the fact that she knew damned well that said vision did not come true for either of her parents. What she doesn't want to admit is that she already knows the people who'll actually take centre stage when she goes the way of all flesh but they don't register with her. She saw the first of the last men and women the night she got a long-dreaded phone call about ten years ago when she started bleating about being a poor little orphan girl now that her daddy joined the choir invisible. That's because her pea-brained sentimentality blinded her to the nurses and orderlies who are going to be the people who will actually be the ones to mark her passing. She also let her need for sympathy blur the features of the people at the funeral home. I'm not sure if I should write John off as pre-deceasing her (even though I assume that will be the case) but the equal need to blank out her surroundings (and also probably curse his name for wanting to run off to chase after a comelier specter) will continue to make of the people who'll actually be the ones there when she goes a mystery.

The reason I'm convinced of this is that her passing when everyone else's attention is diverted will cause a shallow thinker to wonder why he didn't do more for his mother when she was alive.

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