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Meet The Legacy Character

Now, you might have noticed that I invoked one of Elly's stupider comments in my last article. I did so on purpose because Thelma Baird might have been an incidental character but she had a huge impact because she judged Elly and found her wanting as a parent. Like most people, what she saw when she looked at Elly was not a misunderstood martyr but an obnoxious dolt who refused reasonable requests because she got it into her head that being a mother meant saying no to everything. This is pretty much why it was damned easy for her to hoodwink the moron into getting a dog she didn't want by telling her a bullshit story about how Elly was the only thing keeping a dog people would pay good money for from being put down.

She also seemed to think that the Patterson children needed a friendly face in their lives so as to reassure them that not all adults were akin to the oozing pustule on the buttocks of humanity they call a mother and were capable of forgiveness, tolerance and kindness. The irritating thing about her is having to remember the effect she had on Elly herself. Not only did her passing allow a dull mind to pass triteness off as depth, I'm convinced that her go-to argument for not fixing the gate because she doesn't want to look unfriendly stems from her not remembering that Mrs Baird had been dead for years by the time April started showing more initiative than her idiot older siblings.

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