dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Archeologist

As you can probably guess, the greatest fear that someone like Elly has that people will get her life story all wrong. Now, I have mentioned my concern about Mike being her biographer because it's a safe bet that he is going to assign her motives that support his preconception that she only pretended that she wanted a life that wasn't all about catering to his whims because she was crazy and evil because of the hormones.

While that is pretty bad, I can think of something far worse and far stupider. This is because I have the sneaking suspicion that someone in the distant future is going to exhume the works of a minor author from what was called Canada and assume that he or she is reading a fictionalized version of the author's family history. By then, no one will have any memory of the events of the strip and records of the time will be lost so they're not going to know that Sheilagh was actually a fictional version of the Agnesdingle that was also mentioned and believe her to the mother the man called his muse and inspiration. They're also going to believe that the father and siblings whose names are lost to history lived lives a lot like Harvey Rood and the other two siblings in the book. This means that by encouraging Mike to be the author she wanted to be, Elly has guaranteed that she will be erased from history even more thoroughly than someone who was merely a forgotten, almost indecipherable name on a grave marker.


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