dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The PSA

The interesting thing I've learned from watching Highway Thru Hell is the jargon truckers use to describe things. As by way of example, the concrete dividers used to block things off are referred to as no-posts. The reason that I mention this is that Miss Edwards was a normal person until she became an object lesson on how motorcycles are a tool of the Devil. This is because one day, she foolishly allowed herself to ride one of those horrible death machines that no one should make because they remind oblivious dolts like Elly of exactly how God-damned fast she's going when she bombs down the roadway and succumbs to highway hypnosis. The end result is that she fell off and cracked her spine on a no-post and ended up having to watch Liz not get that whining about how everything bad always happens to her is where Oblivious gets in a sports car it shouldn't be near and rams into Insensitive.

What this makes me wonder is why Lynn didn't point Miss Edwards at Michael to scare him away from motorcycles or why Elly didn't say something stupid about how Liz was breaking her teachers back all over again by tear-assing around on the rice-burner Gord loaned her. Doing something like is as obvious as all Hell to me but for some reason, it can't occur to Lynn despite the woman looking for all the world like someone sitcom show runners keep in reserve to deliver warped-ass Aesops.

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