dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Human Shield/Harridan/Rival Beta: Meet The Mother Image

The interesting thing about Liz is that before she started using alcohol as a crutch, she had the tendency to retreat to a sort of fantasy island inside her own head. Nothing bad or scary happened on that island and no one mean or hateful or threatening was allowed on it so as to disturb her or do shitty things to her. You'd assume that the person most vigilantly guarded against would be the person I like to call The Looming Shape Of Imbecile Malice but I have the queasy feeling that Ugly Brother is not Persona Non Grata Number One. If I grew up in that household (and I pretty much did), I would tend to assume that the person she's most afraid of is the size ten foghorn who does nothing to stop Mike and seems actively engaged in trying to destroy her. While Lynn and Elly are both baffled by the fact that for reasons neither of them can determine, Liz is terrified of her mother, they don't want to face that her trademark rages and insistence that Liz is only faking feeling sorry to avoid punishment when she screws up have made of Elly an enemy that Liz cannot and will not share a damned thing with.

The reason that I mention this is that I should think that the teenage Liz looks at the unsympathetic turd she calls a father and assumes that his showing his true colors means that Mom got to him. If Elly didn't have her hooks into Daddy, he wouldn't act as if having to worry about her problems was a burden he shouldn't be asked to bear. Elly always seems to want to put a wall between Liz and the father she loves and this sensitizes her to any other person who gets in the way of her friendships. She can deal with Candace and Shawna Marie because they want to include her somehow but she cannot and will not deal with this iceberg career woman who tells her that she could not go near Anthony whenever she took a mind to. What this means is that in a real sense, Liz sees Therese as a sort of judgmental and unyielding mother image.

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