dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Harridan/PSA: Meet The Dueling Dispensers Of Doltish Diatribes.

Of course, the really sketchy thing about Elly being jealous of Miss Edwards is that the advice she gave Liz is pretty much as stupid, useless and tormentor-enabling as the mush she spouted to Mike and April about how bullies are simply losers who need to win. The woman appears to be the Dunning-Kruger Effect with a spinal cord injury so it's sort of difficult to explain the appeal of a woman as amazingly wrong-headed as the blind-eyed nitwit crying like a cross between Lucy Ricardo and Lucy Van Pelt when Liz goes to someone else for lousy advice she takes with a salt lick.

I ascribe it to the media preconception that an unimpressive woman who hides profound ignorance and stupidity must somehow be wise in the ways of the world because she cracked her spine on a no-post. Well, there's also the fact that you look like a total shit if you call a paraplegic a full-on whack-job.

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