dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

False God 2: Meet The Other Impostor

The irritating thing about male characters in the strip is their unpleasant habit of preferring the fantasy girls they make up when they pursue a love interest to the tedious and frightening chore of getting to know the actual person. As I've insinuated before, most of the reason Mike is crowing over the misery of Martha is that he digs it that she's being punished for being the person she actually is instead of who he'd like her to have been. The only good thing is that Martha is somewhat wise to this and dumped his dumb ass instead of enduring more bullshit and mindfuckery.

The same, sadly, will never be said of poor, dim Lizardbreath. She's destined to try to gaslight herself into not only believing that she loves Anthony but that he loves and knows the real her. This is because she never took the time to learn who the real him is and doesn't know that his fantasies involve her not as a romanticized figure like Martha-as-farm-girl but an inert object that he rescues. Martha-as-farm-girl has something almost like agency; Liz-as-unconscious-victim gives off the distinct stench of near-necrophilia.

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